Darjeeling ShoppingDarjeeling has been famous for its Tea with a particular aroma. Throughout the world tea drinkers love having the special Darjeeling tea. So, how can some one miss getting some Darjeeling tea if he comes to this place. Packed small bags tea from this place make good souvenirs. But avoid tea in tastefully decorated boxes as these are mostly blended tea from Calcutta. Apart from tea there are many items which Darjeeling offers in its shopping malls. Tourists love taking home the curios and carpets from here. The shops for curios and carpets are on Chowrasta and Nehru road. These shops also sell thangkas, brass statues, religious objects, jewellery, wood carvings, woven fabrics and many other items from the Himalayan region. The Bronze items and wooden carvings give you good value for your money. Thangkas are impressive at the first sight but the require a closer look if you want to buy them. The West Bengal's Manjusha Emporium has a good collection Himalayan handicraft, silk and handloom products. The woollen garments can be bought from the markets on Hill Cart road. The bamboo items are collectors delight from the region. Hayden Hall is a place to look for the exclusive Tibetan Carpets. The women's cooperative is also a place worth checking out.

Darjeeling Weather

Area: 1.44 sq km , Altitude: 134 mts , Temperature: Summer : Max 14.89 °C, Min 8.59 °C. Winter : Max 6.11 °C, Min 1.05 °C. Language: English, Bengali, Gorkha, Nepali and Tibetan , Rainfall: 320 cm

Shopping in Darjeeling
  • Chowrasta Bazaar:

    Darjeeling shopping gives the pleasant experience to shoppers.

  • Nehru Road Market:

    You can purchase cloths and accessories at this market place.

  • Chowk Bazaar:

    Shops in Nehru Road are fixed-price shops which sell beautiful Himalayan handicrafts items, silk and handloomed goods.

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