Darjeeling Places to Eat
Around the TV Tower

Most of the guest houses in this area have small restaurants, which saves you the trek down into town. They all have the usual travelers menus that include pancakes and jaffles. The Tower View is popular, Triveni Guest House is very clean and the Ratna is very good value.

Laden La & Nehru Rds

There are numerous cheap restaurants along Laden La Rd all clustered together between the State Bank of India and the post office. Several of them are Tibetan-run while the remainder offer Indian cuisine of various sorts. Most of them are pretty basic and could use a good scrub down. They include the Golden Dragon, Vineet, Utsang. Potala, Lotus, Penang, Soatlee and Washington.

Lhasa Restaurant

It is a very cheap and very basic Tibetan restaurant serving good momos and thukpa.

Park Restaurant

It has probably the best Indian cuisine in town. Tandoori items are mouthwatering - chicken sheek kebabs, chicken tikka masala. Decor is Graeco-Roman greenhouse finished off with shower-room curtains, but the food is excellent.

Keventer's Snack Bar

Kev's (Keventer's Snack Bar), on Nehru Rd, is a popular place for breakfast and there are wonderful views from the open terrace. They have got ham, bacon, sausages and cheese, but service can be tediously slow.


Glenary's, is an excellent place with a definite ghost-of-the-Raj air to it. Downstairs is the bakery; if you arrive early enough you can get very good brown bread. They also have croissants, doughnuts, garlic bread and a wonderful range of cakes. Tea time here is still a special occasion upstairs in the restaurant where you can also have full meals.

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